Mike Lillis gave me permission to post on this. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Attorney General Michael Mukasey just released their latest letter to Harry ReidĀ  in advance of the Senate’s expected vote to gut the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. With barely the thinnest veneer of shame, McConnell and Mukasey say that the Bingaman amendment — which, as my Windy colleague Mike Lillis reported, "would delay the effective date of the immunity provision until inspectors general of the Dept. of Justice, the Pentagon and several other agencies have finished an investigation into the warrantless surveillance program and reported their findings to Congress" — is unacceptable as a matter of national security!

Any amendment that would delay implementation of the liability protections in this matter is unacceptable. Providing prompt liability protection is critical to the national security. Accordingly, we, as well as the President’s other senior advisers, will recommend that the President veto any bill that includes such an amendment.

Underlining in the original! This is beyond shameless. Telecommunications companies haven’t had retroactive immunity for breaking the law, like, ever and not a single American has died as a result.