AUSTIN-BERGSTROM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — So that was Netroots Nation 2008: a drunken revelry of progressive community. Gina Cooper, who took upon the Herculean effort of organizing this, deserves the gratitude of Blue America. Rather than getting sentimental, and I could get very sentimental, I’m going to write a Catherine Andrews-style roundup of my personal highlights after the jump.
– Austin Austin Austin. Breakfast tacos at Avenue Cafe or whatever-the-fuck it’s called on South Congress Avenue. Barbeque at Ironworks and Stubbs. Pitchers of beer cheaper than the cab ride home at the Mean Eyed Cat. Seeing The Dark Knight at what might be the greatest movie theater in the world with Yglesias and Glenn Nye, the Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Swimming in an immodest pair of jockey shorts at Barton Springs with Ezra, Julia, and Melinda

– Seeing Katie Halper, who I haven’t seen since I was 13 or 14, and who remembered that I was kicked out of Camp Kinderland

– Having uncomfortable barroom conversations with foreign-policy luminaries about my love life

– Drinking, at 28 years old, with high-school students

– Meeting so many FDL soldiers in person: Blue Texan, Dave Neiwart, Pachacutec, Marcy Wheeler, the infamous Ari, RayneToday

– Meeting, for the first time despite working with him for six months, David Kurtz from TPM

– Opting against doing a super-serious panel and focusing instead on how 50 percent of us were contestants on Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego

– Discovering IRL versions of such internet enigmas as Elana Levin, Tim Tagaris and Sam Graham-Felsen

– Getting introduced to Lou Dubose, a living legend of political journalism, and hearing from his butter-smooth voice about how I had asked the Iraqi ambassador to the U.S. a question that he wanted to ask a couple months ago at a Heritage thing

One thing — really the only thing — that sucked: at a Glenn Nye fundraiser, I was stung by a bee. Bee stings are sooooo much more painful than I remembered. The other day in a Jezebel thread, I tried to reassure a tattoo novice that bee stings are comparable to the pain of a tattoo needle. Oh no. Bee stings hurt a whole lot more.