My somewhat estranged blog-comrade LT Nixon points to a number of cool milblogs. My pick of his list: Fobbits Need Ice Cream Too, whose logo is LOLworthy. (A Fobbit, for the uninitiated, is a soldier/marine/airman/sailor who doesn’t go off his or her base. Forward Operating Base = FOB; creature of the FOB = fobbit.) Blogger Joe is, I gather, an Army National Guardsman who, thankfully, just got back from Iraq. His posts about the interminable outprocessing as he ended his tour and stewed in the halfway house known as Kuwait are great:

Can we go home now? I’m out of movies to watch and I’m not going to pay $10 for a DVD like some millionaire would. I’m not sure how I will watch movies back home; $20 for a new DVD seems like highway robbery considering they are $1 from the bootleggers in Iraq.

Netflix, my friend. Netflix. Some people buy movies from iTunes. But you’ve just come home from Iraq to the collapsing economy — merry Christmas, by the way! — so you might want to rent and not buy for awhile.