Get that tone out of your voice, Aaron! You slyly mock Joe The Plumber’s forthcoming reporting assignment for Pajamas TV in Israel. But a closer look at the ongoing war in Gaza demonstrates why, now more than ever, the region needs Joe The Plumber.

Human rights groups and Palestinian officials are reporting a sewage crisis, with human waste bursting from antiquated pipes as the Israeli blockade of Gaza doesn’t allow for sufficient diesel to power the pump-station generators. This, of course, has significant health implications for one of the most population-dense places on earth:

Sadi Ali, project manager for the Palestinian Water Authority, said the health risk from sewage on the streets was clear.

“There is a risk of the spread of all sorts of water borne diseases such as dysentery and cholera,” he said.

What you need in this situation is obvious. And who cares more about over one million beleaguered Palestinian civilians than Pajamas Media?

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