In the midst of this confused New York Times piece on Israel’s objectives in Gaza — "Mr. Olmert has been far more careful this time to state ambiguous and modest goals for the war," apparently, even though his defense minister says it’s an "all-out war" to the "bitter end" and from the perspective of a former general "Israel has so far failed to decide what its ultimate goals are for this conflict" — comes this self-parodic defense of the lack of clarity over what Israel is doing:

What matters most, General Amidror said, are three changes: coordination between the infantry and the air force; having commanders on the ground with a clear mission and flexibility to achieve it; and methods to keep Hamas in the fog of war, which includes disinformation and impediments to real-time press coverage on the ground.

“The less Hamas understands, the better,” he said.

And the less you understand, the less Hamas understands! Shh, the enemy is listening! There’s something to this, of course. But you can also take it to the extreme. Israel could just go completely buck-wild and pour the whole military into Gaza. Hamas won’t understand that! Why not get totally astrategic? Astrategic like a fox!

But who knows, maybe this is part of the disinformation campaign, since Nicolas Sarkozy is saying that Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to an Egyptian/French truce proposal. Let’s hope.

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