I want to make it really clear that I like Juan Cole. A lot. Both as a person and as a foreign-policy analyst. But then he writes this, about Bush’s farewell speech, and it just gets my dander up.

When I was at college, I was interested in peace movements and spirituality, in Gandhi and Sufism. Bush was obsessed by demon rum, poontang and carpet-bombing peasants.

To say I deeply dislike both of these personality types is an understatement. What I have learned in my years is that it won’t do to judge someone based on a personality type. Juan isn’t really doing that, in any case, because he’s publicly judged Bush based on Bush for six years. And sometimes, to vent, you need to write stuff like this. I get that. But but but so do I.

If I had to rely on personality types to explain my esteem for Barack Obama, I’d say this. More than any other national politician, he gives off a look like Enough with all this bullshit. That kind of impatience is what I’m looking for.