What’s good for Amanda Terkel isn’t remotely good for Jesse Watters:

The Fox News producer responsible for most of the ambush interviews, Jesse Watters, refused repeated interview requests. But the network did make David Tabacoff, the program’s senior executive producer, available to comment. Mr. Tabacoff — who started a telephone interview by asking, “This is going to be a fair piece, correct?” — said the interviews are “part of the journalistic mission” of “The O’Reilly Factor.” He called the program an “opinion-driven show that has a journalistic basis.”

I suppose the New York Times‘ Brian Stelter should begin his manhunt. (And now to step on my kicker: Stelter might also have noted in this piece that O’Reilly’s people never once contacted for comment Amanda before following her to a vacation spot, despite the Factor‘s frequent protestations that the ambush-interviews are a last journalistic resort.)