Whether or not House Democrats end up seeing the anti-torture memo that Philip Zelikow wrote while at the State Department in 2005, a Senate Judiciary subcommittee is working out arrangements for Zelikow to testify on May 13 — next Wednesday — about the Justice Department’s Bush-era authorization of torture, according to a Senate staffer. Also expected to be at that hearing: Ali Soufan, the former FBI official who recently blasted torture apologists for misrepresenting the efficacy of Abu Zubaydah’s interrogation. (I have my own questions about Soufan’s account of his dealings with Abu Zubaydah.) Judiciary’s subcommittee on administrative oversight and the courts, chaired by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, is going to hold the hearing, which is likely to be one of the most dramatic hearings the committee’s heard since former Deputy Attorney General Jim Comey described the midnight ride to John Ashcroft’s bedside in May 2007 and ex-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales wrecked his career before the panel two months later.

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