Always good to see something like this in Congress:

On 04/28/2009, Rep. RUPPERSBERGER introduced H. Res. 392. A resolution congratulating and commending Free Comic Book Day as an enjoyable and creative approach to promoting literacy and celebrating a unique American art form; to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Admirable though the spirit of Ruppersberger’s resolution is, there’s no such thing as Free Comic Book Day. There is only a day to entice otherwise thrift-minded individuals to spend unreasonable amounts of money on, say, the late Bendis/early Brubaker Daredevil run. (I regret nothing, by the way — holy crap are those books excellent.) One merciful and humane aspect of Comic Book Enlarged Expense Day is its proximity to the day my rent is due, so I can at least keep the damage in perspective.