ABC reports that contrary to her description that "we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used," Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress received a 2002 briefing on the torturous interrogation of Abu Zubaydah. Her spokesman has some uncompelling spin about how Pelosi’s statement is consistent with a CIA document that ABC obtained recounting the meeting.

This is what they call a teaching moment. Pelosi, like Richard Shelby, Porter Goss, Bob Graham, Jay Rockefeller, Pat Roberts and Jane Harman, received briefings about CIA torture. The Senate intelligence committee’s investigation of the CIA will not focus on what members of Congress knew; when they knew it; what they endorsed; what they objected to; or what they pushed back against. As such, it will be an incomplete picture, whitewashing the role of elected legislators in the torture apparatus. (Also worth remembering: the CIA has a very rich history of lying to Congress.) An incomplete picture of what was done in our name prevents us from moving on. Hence: the case for an independent commission to investigate the Bush administration, the CIA, the Justice Department, the Defense Department, the State Department and Congress about torture. No more lies, no more obfuscation, no more cant, no more excuses, no more torture.