Really, media? Is it really newsworthy that President Obama said thank you in Arabic to an Arabic-speaking leader and an Arabic-speaking press? Could it be that the reason he didn’t say "shukran" on the campaign trail was because he wasn’t addressing, say, the king of Saudi Arabia, rather than the "emergence" of his "Muslim roots"? Yes, his youth spent in a Muslim country was so cleverly concealed that it didn’t actually appear in his memoir unless you read it in the original Arabic.

Ben Smith points out some interesting facts about the previous president’s treasonous use of Arabic, but I’ve got a bigger scoop, one surely destined to be blasted across Drudge. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, has nefariously concealed his Muslim heritage. But now it can be told! Just look at what he told the press as he was ending his tour as U.S. commander in Iraq last September:

GEN. PETRAEUS: Well, again, As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, masa’ al-kheir, good afternoon to all of you, and shukran jaziilan for joining us for today’s roundtable.

Can we really trust military commanders who speak other languages on occasion? Everyone knows that by adopting a different language you disrespect the monolinguistic United States and effectively become a citizen of the country in which that language is uttered.  Come to think of it, have we ever really seen Petraeus’s birth certificate?

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