As previewed, here’s Game’s official Jay-Z diss. A waste of a hot beat, with "I made something outta nothing like MacGuyver" as the most quotable line. Well, sort of. "Bullshit plus spoken word" is the most unintentionally quotable line, considering the minute of unaccompanied, uninspired invective that follows the song. Game is already backing down, clarifying that he didn’t "mean to take a shot" at Beyonce. Like an apology for a mis-spotted artillery barrage in the midst of a Helmand River Valley offensive, it’s unclear if anyone will find that persuasive.

So the debate: should Jay-Z (and/or, for that matter, Kanye West, whose girlfriend Game calls a ho) respond? Or should he take Napoleon’s advice and refrain from getting in the way of his enemy’s unforced errors?