Rep. Anthony Weiner is going to marry Huma Abedin. He’s a pro-Israel moderate Democrat from Queens. She’s a Clinton aide of Saudi descent. They love each other. That’s the end of it, right? Not if you’re Arutz Sheva, the disgusting pro-settlement Israeli rag, which runs the headline "Clinton’s Top Muslim Aide to Wed Jewish Congressman," and includes this:

The intermarriage rate in the United States is estimated to be approximately 50 percent and has been one of the strongest forces that has diluted Jewish identity and support of a strong Israel.

The purity or impurity of our bloodlines, you see, determines our support or lack of support for keeping Palestine in a chokehold. Maybe next they’ll suggest some kind of insignia we can sew onto our garments to clarify where we stand on these issues and what percentage of our lineage is Jewish.