policestory.thumbnail.jpgWhen I was 15, my three best friends were the members of my band, and on April 12, 1996, we drove to a punk club called the Subzero in Danbury, Connecticut to play a show with our friends the Wrecktals (yes indeed). We never played the show. An epic encounter with the police took place instead. Guns were drawn. Lasers were pointed. Friends were arrested.

And now you can read about it in a comic book called Police Story penned and illustrated by my friend the amazing comic book artist Liz Baillie. Liz, for the time being, is releasing Police Story as part of her mini-comic-of-the-month club, and I highly recommend subscribing. You might also consider purchasing such quality LB comics as My Brain Hurts, an extremely true-to-life story about teenage New York punk rockers.

Just to reiterate: Liz Baillie has made a story of mine into a comic book. I’m here to tell you that dreams can come true.