So, for the thousands of us who attended Netroots Nation last week, Bill O’Reilly, intrepid reporter that he is, has figured out that we "don’t much like America." He really ought to fire his producers for not getting footage of our opening ceremony bayat oath to Usama bin Laden. Just a huge oversight.

Beyond that, I attended the first two panels that O’Reilly used for his piece (one of them was Marcy’s), and the editing doesn’t come close to the most minimal obligations of basic journalistic accuracy. For one thing, the suggestion that Melissa Goodman of the ACLU, the first NN09 speaker in the clip, doesn’t much like America for pointing out the torture that occurred would benefit if Melissa were saying a single word that hasn’t been exhaustively documented. A basic obligation for O’Reilly would be to, you know, report that, but it is what it is. 

For another, the second speaker is Robert Greenwald, and the dude in the black checked shirt next to him is your humble blogger. This is a clip from our Afghanistan-Pakistan panel. Robert and I have a respectful series of disagreements about Afghanistan, Pakistan and U.S. policy to both countries and the panel illustrated that. Yet the idea that Robert doesn’t much like America for asking basic questions about the wisdom and the justice of Afghanistan war is so risably stupid that only someone who talks about using "the falafel thing" as a sex toy on the woman he sexually harassed could come up with.

Aside from that, let me echo my fellow panelist Richard Smith:

I also sat on the panel.  Did O’Reilly acknowledge my discussion of our vital national security interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the fact that we must adequately resource the fight? No. Did O’Reilly show you Spencer Ackerman’s policy-centric comments, note the fact that as a national security correspondent he speaks to those responsible for making the decisions on a regular basis, or inform his audience that Spencer also cautiously favors continued involvement in the Af-Pak region? No, because that wouldn’t fit his narrative either. What about Anne Richard of the International Rescue Committee who discussed the refugee crises and other aspects of the conflict as they relate to local national civilians? Negative. 

Anyway, fuck O’Reilly; I feel stupid for writing such a long post to demonstrate the banal point that he’s dishonest.