More on this theme. The new Lieberman/McCain/Graham op-ed on Afghanistan says exactly what you’d expect it to say, except for the part where all three of them declare themselves to be the administration’s allies on Afghanistan. Except by "ally" they mean "concern troll":

 McCain, Graham and Lieberman’s op-ed is better positioned to allow the senators to denounce Obama if he doesn’t acquiesce to a prospective second troop escalation this year than it is to prepare whatever constituencies they possess to reluctantly support such a decision. (”…this middle path—which the previous administration pursued for too long in Iraq—that is a recipe for quagmire and collapse of political support for the war at home.”) Is that the kind of ally that the administration wants in the face of large and growing political opposition to escalation?

Expect a lot more of this to come from the right on Afghanistan. Rhetorical declarations of support coupled with reluctant, solumn, regretful denunciations if and when Obama doesn’t escalate exactly as they want. 

Also: how do three senators who claim to understand counterinsurgency emphasize "decisive force" as the key criterion here?