One of the questions I’ve been asking in the debate about the wisdom of counterinsurgency in Afghanistan is: if there’s sufficient intelligence to target individual al-Qaeda and senior Taliban figures in Pakistan without a large ground presence, as the Obama administration and the CIA claims, then why credit the claim that we need a massive ground presence in Afghanistan to produce and exploit such intelligence?

Now, on the eve of the Pakistani Army preparing to re-invade South Waziristan, comes this observation from Pakistan’s military leadership:

[T]here is a sense within the military establishment that the situation in South Waziristan cannot be allowed to be perpetuated. The blockade is nearly three months old, and the military, which has been conducting limited airstrikes, is running out of targets.

The Pakistani Army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, described Waziristan as an intelligence black hole. “We have to move in,” he said recently.

One hopes this rather salient observation gets factored into the administration’s strategy reviews.

*Oh right, the Subhumans track. I figure we ought to play it for members of al-Qaeda. That’s all. Also, subject for debate: can we call "Religious Wars" proto-goth? That bridge is goth as hell.