So did we win last night or did the Angels lose it? C.C. certainly won. And it’s not like we didn’t hit the ball, as good as Lackey pitched. But we continue to strand runners. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mean to fixate on what didn’t go perfectly; and we don’t have to be perfect, just better than the other guy. But when you’ve won a game — or, more accurately, four straight –  that’s the right time to examine the areas that need improvement.

Tonight it’s Burnett. After watching ALDS Game 2 at the Stadium, I have no doubts: he rose to the occasion, pitching like a beast, inducing popouts and grounders when the Twins threatened. The weather is a bigger cause for concern than A.J. is.

I’m posting this in advance from the bus up from New York, so I may have to take the post down if it turns out the game is called. But if not: thread open! Let’s get it. Soundtrack is “Heads Will Roll” by those YYYs.