Najim al-Jabouri wrote about pervasive security-service sectarianism in Iraq, and then this happens:

Sixty-one army and police officers have been arrested in connection with the bombings in central Baghdad on Sunday that killed 155 people and wounded hundreds more, Iraqi officials said Thursday.

Jabouri even wrote, “These political schisms are partly responsible for coordinated terrorist attacks like those on Sunday… [but] I do not suggest that the political parties committed these crimes directly. But ethno-sectarian political party influence over the security forces indirectly makes it easier for enemies of Iraq to carry out their attacks.” Well, hell, your to-be-sure graf turned out to be your lede!

Also, show respect to Gregg Carlstrom, who I see commented on the earlier post with precisely this point. Also, he reminds me — and I should have remembered this — that my friend Eli reported on Jabouri’s concerns awhile back, so read or re-read Illadelph’s favorite son as well.