You know, when writers talk about the Jews or Israel, self-appointed Shtetl Policeman Jeffrey Goldberg demands exactitude, the sort of precision that Paulie shows in Goodfellas when he slices garlic in prison with a razor blade. Yet when he’s called out for ignorantly sliming Trita Parsi as a mouthpiece for the very Iranian regime Trita opposes, Goldberg’s response boils down to Whatever, they’re all Iranians:

On the larger question of whether Trita Parsi functions as a lobbyist for the Iranian regime, based on what I know, I’d have to say yes: He has argued consistently against any sanctions against Iran, and an end to sanctions is obviously what the Iranian regime wants. So he is working on behalf of a stated interest of the Iranian government. Yes, he also criticizes Iran’s human rights abuses, but it’s been suggested recently that it is possible to lobby for a country while criticizing it at the same time.

Just absolute mendacious bullshit. Trita doesn’t “also criticize” Iran’s human rights abuses, he rallies support against the fucking regime. Read this NIAC page and see if Goldberg’s characterization withstands the slightest bit of scrutiny. It so happens that Parsi believes, as does the leadership of the Iranian opposition to Ahmadinejad, that sanctions will be a humanitarian disaster and play into the regime’s hands. But these are distinctions that Goldberg just doesn’t give a shit about. Karroubi, Mousavi, Parsi, Ahmadinejad — they’re all part of the same undistinguished Iranian threat in Goldberg’s addled mind. This is what failing upwards does to people.