I am decidedly soft on Jim Glassman, the Dow 36,000 co-author who became George W. Bush’s undersecretary of state for public diplomacy — and, in my opinion, he’s been the only person who has done that job justice. This, however, is absolutely crackers. Glassman is in charge of opening Bush’s presidential library, and — well, just read this.

“The president has been working with these ideas for a long time now,” said James K. Glassman, a former top State Department official now serving as the institute’s founding executive director. “He wanted to do something very different from other former presidents, and that is to create a research institute that’s independent, nonpartisan and scholarly and that will have an impact on the real world.”

I can’t wait for this place to open and teach me not to trust my lying eyes and my lying memory. Like I want to learn all about the freedom agenda, especially after the Fijan military junta is done with its book party for Bush’s U.N. ambassador.