You know what makes me feel confident in the point I made in this post? This history of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed:

In 1996, Mr. Mohammed traveled to Afghanistan to sell Mr. bin Laden on an idea: simultaneously hijacking 10 aircraft and flying them into different prominent civilian targets in the United States. He would be on the one plane not to crash, and after the plane landed would emerge and deliver a speech condemning American policy on Israel.

He’s been planning this harangue for years! And it’s going to be crazy as shit! What kind of idiot thinks he would actually survive five fucking minutes after disembarking from that plane to spew some kind of idiotic conspiracy theory! We would light that fucker up within seconds, no matter where he landed the goddamn plane. If the Israelis can pull off something as insanely impossible as Entebbe, we could have similarly sent KSM to the hereafter if he tried that stunt. Who knows — maybe we would have even partnered with the Israelis on the operation for a final ironic flourish.

We need to let this man discredit himself as a venal and psychopathic fool in as public a forum as possible. The response we’d surely elicit was foreshadowed in Katt Williams and Game’s bwah-ha-ha response to the Young Gunz.