1. Over the course of several days of testimony and public appearances a week and a half ago, Gen. McChrystal, Amb. Eikenberry, Gen. Petraeus, Undersecretary Flournoy, Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan & Pakistan Jones, and Deputy Secretary Lew praised the ministers of Defense, Interior, Agriculture, and Rural Rehabilitation & Development. All those dudes kept their jobs.

2. There was once an idea that Karzai ought to purse a national-unity government with his rivals in the event of a disputed election. That grew in intensity when Karzai came thisclose to stealing the election outright. But Abdullah Abdullah loyalists got nothing. And, just as a brushback pitch, neither did Gul Agha Shirzai.

3. A couple less-important ministers who’ve become high-profile symbols of corruption have been sacked. No piece of reporting I’ve seen so far has given any reason to believe Karzai has addressed any structural reasons why corruption occurs in his cabinet reworkings.

4. Even if Peter Galbraith personally siphoned a jillion barrels of Kurdish oil and sold them himself on the open market, the dude still displayed significant insight into those structural defects and their relationship to the international community.