The ex-Bush speechwriter with a boner for torturing people, evidently intent on maligning his own reputation, goes after Obama for merely killing terrorists with drones when he could be torturing them, and everyone’s having a good laugh. Kevin Drum, for instance, and Matthew Yglesias and lots of other people without blogs.

And that’s well and good. It’s obviously not a sign of weakness to use drone strikes. But it’s also not necessarily a sign of wisdom. In Yemen, we’re waiting to see a strategy for dealing with AQAP that relies on anything other than violence — some development or political or governance work that can address the conditions that allowed AQAP to take root there. Without it, the U.S. and the Yemenis are merely shwacking people when they pop up.

Now, I get it: drone strikes are what you do when there’s a threat in a non-permissive environment; and none of this has anything to do with the frivolous non-issue that Thiessen raised. I just don’t want everyone’s heckling to entail an uncritical embrace of drones.