This requires a bit of explanation, but: I won’t be blogging here today (pending something crucial happens). In late December I got a summons to report for voir dire on a federal grand jury. Dreading it ever since — there’s no guarantee against being picked for something that could take me out of the game for weeks or even months — I lined up two great guestbloggers whose work I wanted to read here anyway. But when I called the number to get my instructions about when to report, I learned my services won’t be needed after all.

But I still want to read their stuff. So for today, we’re sticking to the original plan. I’m going to be at the Washington Independent, so if you want to read my stuff, go there. But why would you want to? Because today I’ve got…

Jamelle Bouie, who runs The United States of Jamerica, one of my favorite Twitter feeds and a guestblogger in the past when I had to go to the DMV. Soon to be a fixture of Blogosphere-Whatever-point-Oh, I’m trying to ingratiate myself for when I’m washed up and need Jamelle to give me a job out of pity.

Scott Thomas Beauchamp. Oh yes. That guy. A two-tour Iraq veteran, Scott is barely two weeks out of the Army and he’s got a few things he wants to say.

So enjoy. I’ll be back soon; or, if I can’t help myself, I’ll be here even so. Until either-or I’m going to blog for just one blog today.