I see we’ve entered the farcical phase of the “Lynch Holder” movement:

“Not only was the Attorney General required to provide the brief as part of his confirmation, but the opinions expressed in it go to the heart of his responsibilities in matters of national security,” Mr. Sessions said in a statement.

Yes! Yes they do! Eric Holder signed onto an amicus brief to the Supreme Court urging the court “not to uphold President Bush’s claim that he could imprison an American citizen as an ‘enemy combatant’.” If it should have been disclosed, it should have been disclosed. But the idea that Holder should be criticized for saying the government doesn’t have the right to hold an American citizen indefinitely without trial is beyond absurd. If Sessions thinks the government should have that power, he’s about to find himself in the middle of a salt pit with water poured down his throat for a maximum of 40 seconds at a time.