I didn’t quite believe Marc Thiessen could actually wrote in his book that no one was ever tortured at Guantanamo Bay until I saw Jane Mayer debunk the claim, but one of the people tortured at Guantanamo, Mohamadou Walid Slahi, won his habeas case today. I spoke with his habeas attorney about the still-classified ruling. This was among what masked interrogators at Guantanamo did to Slahi in 2003, according to the Senate Armed Services Committee:

On July 17, 2003, the masked interrogator told Slahi about a dream he had where he saw “four detainees that were chained together at the feet. They dug a hole that was six feet long, six feet deep, and four feet wide. Then he observed the detainees throw a plain, unpainted, pine casket with the number 760 [Slahi's internment serial number (ISN)] painted on it in orange on the ground.”

Slahi later told a GTMO psychologist that he was hearing voices. At least one military prosecutor assigned to Slahi’s case refused to participate in it after learning how the interrogators treated him.