GUANTANAMO BAY — What’s the point of going to hard-to-get-to places like Guantanamo Bay if you don’t take the opportunity to get your friends’ questions answered? In comments in the last post, Marcy asked:

Originally, they said that only 3 of Khadr’s interrogators would testify. But we’ve got more than that now. Do you know who the defense didn’t expect to testify that has? And do you have a sense of why they weren’t going to testify?

I didn’t get a sense that the defense was surprised by any interrogator testimony — for the record, when Col. Patrick Parrish gaveled Day Four of the hearing to a close at about 4 p.m. — but why not go to the horse’s mouth? I asked Marcy’s question at the post-hearing press briefing by Barry Coburn, Khadr’s lead attorney. “We have an order of proof from the government, so we basically know who they’re going to call,” Coburn said. No surprise testimony.

Maybe you have a question you’d like asked? Maybe I could ask it. Why not leave your questions in comments and I’ll see if I can get them answered. DISCLAIMERS. (1) Please consider that I’m a human being who has to actually work here for the next couple of days, so I can’t very well ask an official something like, “When did you become an inhuman war criminal?” Let’s keep these incisive and productive, something that would actually shed light on an outstanding question about Khadr, military commissions or Guantanamo Bay. (2) If you think I’m some kind of sellout for not asking your question, I can’t stop you for thinking that, but that would be kind of a dick move if I’m basically renting out my journalistic services pro bono. (3) Please don’t ask me to ask something that Google could resolve. That makes me look unprepared in the eyes of my colleagues.

Aside from that, I’m at your service…