Of course I loved it, but I went into it with a very comic-book frame of mind. And if Shellhead One was mostly an accessible introduction to the character and his world for a general audience, IM 2 is… still pretty accessible, but there’s a lot more in there for the die-hards: a weird-but-cool sort of Justin Hammer reboot, Nick Fury, Whiplash-crossed-with-Crimson Dynamo (it doesn’t make sense but who cares), Pepper n’ Happy, Tony’s compulsive behavior and abandonment feelings toward his dad, Black Widow, Armor Wars and, especially, War Machine.

So if this all sounds like a gigantic mess that doesn’t congeal into an actual coherent story, congratulations: fuck you, asshole, you’ve missed the entire point of a comic book movie in which a lot of shit blows up and if you don’t like it, fuck you in a different position. Your tastes are depressingly and bureaucratically literal and structured.

Update, 3:39 p.m.: Dave Weigel likes movies in the generic sense that I like comic books. (I like movies fine. I love comic books.) And he also likes comic books in the generic sense. So this leads to some cognitive dissonance.