The bloom is off the rose of President Obama, as RapGenius recounts the innocent time in which rappers proclaimed their faith in the president-to-be. You know all the references: Jay-Z’s “A Milli” and “My President Is Black” remixes/beatjackings, Jeezy’s original, Wayne. Juelz provided crucial cross-cultural validation in the Hispanic community. I forgot about that Common line because Common is the Helen Thomas of rap music. ¬†RapGenius might also have added “Barack O’Drama” DJ Drama to the list, even non-lyrically. Perhaps we crossed a cultural threshold when he unveiled him self as Dram King and Dram F. Kennedy on the new Jadakiss mixtape.

But come on, RapGenius. It’s so easy to abandon the Obama administration after 18 months of caution, successes and failures and betrayals. What’s the actual critique on offer? That you elected a president and not a messiah? This is a dynasty in the making, not some ephemeral ringtone-based gimmick. If you can’t change a player’s game in the ninth inning, maybe you have a chance to influence managerial strategy in the third. That’s where we are.