Hard not to be cynical about this, especially considering this:

According to Peace Now’s count, since the end of the [settlement] freeze in October 26th, the settlers managed to start to build 1,629 housing units, and even to dig the foundations for 1,116 of them. The works started in 63 settlements, 46 of them east the Separation Barrier and 17 on the western side of it.

In all of year 2009, according to the Israeli CBS data, the works on 1,888 new housing units have started. Had the construction continued at the same speed without the Freeze, there would have been started 1,574 units during the 10 months of the freeze. In the 6 weeks since the end of the freeze, the settlers managed to start a similar number of units.

Back to the Obama-Netanyahu deal for a second, for what (I think) is the second time in 20 years, the U.S. has agreed not to recognize declared preliminary Palestinian statehood. NYT:

Under the current offer, on day 91 the Obama administration would still actively oppose efforts by the Palestinians to gain international recognition of statehood rather than continue negotiating with Israel. That would limit Palestinian options and perhaps persuade them not to walk out. Israeli officials also said they hoped that enough substantive bargaining would transpire in those 90 days to keep the Palestinians at the table.

Josh Rogin has a lot of backstory here. Laura Rozen has the state of play.