Going harder than Graham did…

“Today’s verdict is a blow to the Administration’s failed terrorist detention and prosecution programs, which are not guided by the law of armed conflict as they should be. While the Administration continues to grasp at the hope that trying terrorists in civilian courts will improve our standing in the international community, Congress has already provided the Administration with a bipartisan system to try terrorists in military commissions.

“Early this week, I called on the Administration to work with members of the Armed Services Committee to craft a legislative framework for terrorist detention and prosecution that protects the homeland, respects the rule of law and upholds our high ideals. Hopefully, the Ghailani verdict will encourage the Administration to work with us in a bipartisan manner to hold terrorists accountable for their crimes and keep them out of the United States.”

In case you missed that “legislative framework for terrorist detention and prosecution,” I got you here and here. Ben Wittes wasn’t so happy with it. And Ben’s also right about how well Adam Serwer puts this.