I’m going to take Rep. Peter King entirely at his word. Strip away the pity-party aspects of his op-ed on the coming congressional Muslim hearings and you get this:

The great majority of Muslims in our country are hardworking, dedicated Americans. Yet a Pew Poll showed that 15 percent of Muslim Americans between 18 and 29 say suicide bombing is justified. I also know of imams instructing members of their mosques not to cooperate with law enforcement officials investigating the recruiting of young men in their mosques as suicide bombers. We need to find the reasons for this alienation.

That’s a really alarming percentage. The question King needs to ask himself is whether his hearing are going to inflame the other 85 percent or better equip them and us to marginalize and deal with the troublesome 15 percent. Law-enforcement efforts like this do not inspire confidence. I’m with King when he says you have to be able to ask uncomfortable questions about domestic radicalization’s causes, and I hope his hearings go into all the likely hypotheses.